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    Andrew Versluis was born on March something in the year who gives a shit. Form the time he was a child nobody liked him. He was ugly, covered in acne, and retarded. Sometime during his sophomore year of high school at Klamath Union High School in Klamath Falls, Oregon he realized hey I like men. He tried some dating and each tome had sex. Each time he requested to have his dick sucked and that he give the other one anal. He realized he didn’t like that and thought: "hey I don’t like girls and I don’t like to have sex with men... what do I like?" One time during a date his boyfriend his boyfriend shoved his dick up his ass. Andrew at that moment realized he had never felt so much pleasure in all of his life. Later after being screwed up the ass for 8 hours straight he decided to suck his boyfriends cock. Again he felt more pleasure than ever before and he thought the taste was just awsome. When he came in Andrews’s mouth over and over Andrew became the person to have the most seamen ever swallowed at 1.7 pints. He just couldn’t stop because he loved the taste so much. When he turned twelve before he became a homosexual he met a sweet young girl. This girl later met a man that treated her like a queen. The girl realized she hated being treated nice and wanted to be treated like shit so she went back to the now homosexual Andrew. She has had to put up with watching him have rough sex with men late into the night while she was at his apartment (map located below) He only stays with the girl to hold up an appearance that he isn’t a homosexual. That is all.


Sire McBadass
07/27/2011 00:44

I find this 100% accurate

That one guy
07/27/2011 03:12

Truly a masterpiece to the umpteenth degree. So true..

That other guy
07/27/2011 16:57


07/27/2011 17:00


A Gay Guy
02/22/2012 12:43

I did Andrew Versluis last night

Billy Joe
02/26/2012 20:34

Me too!! His tiny dick turned me on

Guess Who
07/25/2012 21:10


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